For the 100th anniversary of the Italian Air Force, Studeo group has designed and created the renovation of the new pavilion of the Italian Air Force at the Volandia Flight Museum, located in the historic ex-Caproni factory site near Malpensa airport.

The first intervention is a completely dark entrance tunnel, equipped with a lighting installation that immerses the visitor and accompanies them along the path. The light effects through 16 LED bars and spatialized audio on 8 channels emphasize the video of the Frecce Tricolore. On the wall, a series of programmed spotlights reveal to the visitor 15 printed illustrations.

The second installation is a hangar with an exhibition of 9 aircraft of the Italian Air Force. A large multi-projection of 18 meters suspended above the planes, spatialized audio, and controlled lights create an audio, video, and light show that narrates and spectacularizes the exhibited planes.

For the multimedia system of the hangar, a conference system has also been developed that is able to manage an event through a simple touch interface to control the video and lights of the space.

Technology setup: Digital Network