For the Fuorisalone 2023 event, Studeo Group presented to the public an interactive multimedia installation developed for Itelyum, using the latest paradigms in artificial intelligence.
The aim of the project was to encourage collective reflection on the urgency and importance of a change in perspective, inviting concrete action to protect and restore natural resources. Visitors were asked to engage directly by creating digital artwork with AI assistance, evoking Itelyum’s mission to collect and regenerate industrial waste.
The installation called METAMORPHOSYS, the art of regeneration, was hosted by the “Design Re-Evolution” exhibition, organized by INTERNI in the courtyard of the State University of Milan. With an intuitive touch interface, visitors could draw and color a starting grid, select parameters related to artists and subjects and let AI create a unique artwork based on each visitor’s choices.

Each artwork was saved and certified in real-time as an NFT, becoming the property of the visitor. An automated email sent the visitor a preview of the produced artwork, the digital ownership certificate, and access to the marketplace where the NFT is located.

During the exhibition, visitors produced more than 9.000 artworks and 4.000 NFTs.