For the Davines company, specialised in the production of professional hair and body care products, Studeo group has designed and created the immersive and experiential space of the World Wide Hair Tour 2022, held this year in Parma at the Palacassa of Parma fairs.

The event hosted over 3,000 industry professionals from fifty-four countries around the world.

The theme of the event, “Into the Wood” was interpreted by creating a three-dimensional scan (photogrammetry) of a forest made imaginative thanks to a point cloud view. All the walls of the immersive space (for a total of over 1000 square meters) were projected to create, together with lights, music, sounds and fog, an enveloping and dreamlike landscape.

To interpret the theme of the uniqueness of the individual and the relationship between nature and man, three installations have been created that are able to offer interactive experiences that are always different depending on the intervention of the single person. The first installation, through a three-dimensional scan of the person in real time, translates his movement into energy particles that become part of the virtual forest. The second reactive audio installation creates mandalas and patterns which, through the visitor’s voice, change and then become graphic elements that populate the forest. The third wall, 22×6 meters, collects the various interactions of the participants: an enormous three-dimensional representation of the forest that returns the kinetic and sound energy that the guests have “donated” to nature, to the forest, in a sort of mutual exchange.

The result is an experiential path of significant impact in which the visitor, completely immersed and active, creates and modifies the landscape.

  • Square meters projected in Pad 4: 900
  • Projected Lumens: 260000
  • Dimension in Pixel projected: 28000×1080
  • Photos taken with Kinect: ca 12000
  • Mandàla e resonance created: ca 8500
  • Recorded voices: ca 9000


Contractor: Banficonsulting – organization and exhibition