Understanding climate change – Experience exhibition – is an exhibition designed and created by Studeo group and Cortona On The Move in collaboration with National Geographic.

It is an immersive exhibition that envelops the visitor with visual storytelling and sensory experiences that allow them to discover the mechanisms and effects of the transformation of the planet Earth due to global warming. Digital, olfactory and sound installations, interactive stations and walls follow one another in the exhibition path divided into three distinct moments: experience, awareness and invitation to action.

The purpose of the exhibition is to broaden the frontiers of exploration to increase knowledge of the conditions of our planet and give everyone the opportunity to find solutions to build a healthier and more sustainable future. Human existence depends on the conditions of health, balance and sustainability of the Earth, but at the same time subjects it, and everything that inhabits it, to dangerous pressures. We have reached a global turning point, and this determines the need for immediate and decisive action.

The role of society is to seek the truth and bring it out. The exhibition promotes awareness and proposes solutions aimed at improvement.

The exhibition was hosted by the Natural History Museum in Milan, at the Mann in Naples and at the Kosmos Museum in Pavia. It is currently at the CRC space in Cuneo.