Studeo group designed and built the multimedia exhibits for the stand of the Wittur company at the Interlift 2019 fair in Augsburg, Germany.

The first installation is an experiential elevator prototype developed in close contact with Wittur technicians. The inside of the lift features a mirrored coating on which an invitation to enter and try the experience appears. Through a touch monitor it is possible to select one of the six floors to start the experience. Once selected, the elevator doors close, the lights go out and an immersive experience begins involving the senses of sight, hearing and smell. The visitor is projected into different worlds and atmospheres: in a forest, in a restaurant, under water or in space.

The video content on the walls has a 6K resolution and envelops the visitor on three sides. For each experience, a dedicated fragrance has been studied, activated through the emanators and managed by an air-conditioning and aspiration system. The second installation consists of a videowall positioned in the centre of the stand with a presentation animation of the various product lines. Through the use of three moving heads, the products displayed next to the screen are illuminated with luminous animations synchronised with the video.

The visitor, positioned in front of the videowall, is thus guided during the presentation of the products on display. The third intervention includes a series of six motion graphics animations that illustrate the six thematic areas of the stand. Each animation is displayed on an 80” screen positioned as a totemic element in the centre of each area of ​​interest which acts as a guide and introduction to the products on display.

Project and exhibition: Banficonsulting