Studeo group designed and built for Align, the world leader and first manufacturer to bring the invisible dental aligner to market, a multimedia experiential space, installed and offered to participants of the 6 Italian stages of the “Align The Challenge Road To Summit” event.
The space, structured and divided differently depending on the location, features 4 types of installations:

  1. Align totems
    Through simple and natural interaction, in front of 4 vertical totems, visitors can choose one of the company’s departments and one of its relevant people to trigger an informative speech.
  2. Align smile
    Smiling in front of the screen provides access to an overview of information related to the services the company offers. The 3 large touch screens allow the information to be consulted in a highly intuitive and scenic way.
  3. Align desk
    Through 2 monitor touch, the visitor can consult in detail all the products and services offered by the company with a simple, intuitive and dynamic interface by accessing information, images and videos in an intuitive and vertical fashion.
  4. Align artwall
    A composition of 10 synchronized monitors, with a total resolution of more than 80 millions of pixels, shows an audiovisual insight about the company and its main services with highly spectacular and dynamic components.